WTF is a Mouse Ring?

<mouser> ok
<mouser> fess up
<mouser> who registered
<lanux128> is it taken up?
<lanux128> hehe.. there is a site
<mouser> yeah that i knew
<mouser> but !?!!?!?
<mouser> that smells of josh
<lanux128> check to whom is it registered to
<lanux128> Registrant:
<lanux128> Seth Rostan
<mouser> hmm not josh
<lanux128> Registered through:, Inc. (
<lanux128> Domain Name: MOUSERING.COM
<mouser> registered oct 2008
<mouser> weird
<lanux128> GoDaddy is a serial parker of domain names
<mouser> AH
<mouser> mousering = mouse + ring
<mouser> didnt even realize that
<lanux128> might be that
<mouser> ok annnyway
<lanux128> what is a mouse ring anyway
<lanux128> lol
<f0dder> well
<f0dder> there's like Cock Rings
<lanux128> i hope it's not an adult toy
<f0dder> so why not Mouse Ring?
<lanux128> :D
<lanux128> so in future, we can say mouser is mousering someone to play with his mouse ring