We want a video!

<Deozaan> I just donated. :)
<Deozaan> Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
<Deozaan> I hope it's not a cancerous growth. :-/
<rgdot> nope, it's benign
<Deozaan> That's good.
<app> it might be another tapeworm
<lanux128> lol
<rgdot> DCitis
<Deozaan> Mouser better make me a DC themed sculpture of a tapeworm and send it to me.
<app> kind of like that dalmation snake?
<Deozaan> Yeah.
<app> he needs to record the making of it
<Deozaan> Deozaan's DonationCoder DigestiveWorm
<app> i would love to see a video of mouser scupting these things
<Deozaan> That would be neat.
<app> actually i think we'd enjoy the video more if it were secretly recorded
<app> then we'd find out if he sings and chatters like a little kid playing with Play Doh or not
<Deozaan> Heh heh.
<Deozaan> He'd probably curse and scream as he struggles to get the clay to do what he wants.
<app> that would be worth watching too
<app> i have seen the drupal fits in text form...would love to see what it looks like in real life