Evil Kody of the Keyboard

<lanux126> knock knock
<Deozaan> who dat?
<lanux126> it's cody
<lanux126> help me!
<lanux126> i'm trapped inside your keyboatd
<lanux126> keyboard*
<Deozaan> Cody is trapped inside my keyboard, but he's somehow communicating to me through lanux126 in IRC?
<Deozaan> O_o
<lanux126> yeah, that is only nick that can go through
<lanux126> i'm in danger and you worried about whimsical musings?!
<lanux126> :P
<Deozaan> If Cody was trapped in my keyboard, wouldn't he try to communicate to lanux126 as me?
<Deozaan> You know... from my keyboard?
<lanux126> obviously not, silly
<lanux126> i'm trapped in your keyboard, not lanux's
<Deozaan> I don't understand how my keyboard can make lanux126 type.
<lanux126> it's alive!
<lanux126> muahahaha
<Deozaan> If Cody was trapped in lanux126's keyboard, this would make a lot more sense.
<Deozaan> I think you're an evil Cody impostor, and I won't help you escape.
<Deozaan> You'd probably be like the anti-Cody.
<Deozaan> Kody with a K. (imitation Cody)
<Deozaan> Steals money from DC and gives it to rich, greedy corporations.
<lanux126> now i think you're Joshhgm
<lanux126> 7bu hyjnv the real deozaan would let me out by now
<lanux126> see it's fighting back
<Deozaan> Hmm... I just came up with the plot to a DC related game. :-D
<Deozaan> Thanks, Kody!
<lanux126> and i can't type anymore
<lanux126> aaargghhh!
<lanux126> ... and Cody's voice is drowned by the roar of the mutant keyboard
<lanux126> who will now step forward to dive into dungeons of the evil keyboard's lair and rescue Cody?
<lanux126> someone.. anyone?
<lanux126> :D
<mouser> me!
<Deozaan> It's a trap, mouser!
<Deozaan> It's evil Kody!
<Deozaan> Don't let him loose.
<mouser> there's an evil cody!!
<mouser> ??!?
<Deozaan> Yes.
<Deozaan> His name is Kody.
<Deozaan> Spelled with a K.
<Deozaan> Like imitation krab.
<Deozaan> Because he's imitation Cody.
<Deozaan> Or something.
<lanux126> krab?
<lanux126> like mr. krab of krusty krabs?
<Deozaan> In the US if a food product has imitation crab, then it just says "krab."
<lanux126> but i'm real!
<lanux126> i'm not Koy
<lanux126> Kody*
<lanux126> Kody*id
<lanux126> see what the keyboard d'\
<lanux126> '\
<lanux126> \
<lanux126> see what the keyboard d'\]