A compiler written in Javascript…for COBOL?

<Krishean> cobol is the demons
<Krishean> lol we used some shitty old cobol compiler in the class i had to take
<Krishean> made by fujitsu
<Krishean> there were like nine steps to producing a working executable
<Krishean> no "compile / compile & run / clean project" buttons
<Krishean> you had to jump through a whole circus act to get it compiled
<Krishean> i was thinking of writing a cobol compiler in javascript and present it as my final project in the class
<Krishean> something you could throw a source file at and some compiler flags and it would produce an executable without going through the shit it took with the fujitsu compiler
<omgplzstfukthx> lol
<omgplzstfukthx> writing a compiler in js would be a feat in itself
<Krishean> not really
<Krishean> i've written most of the basic components
<Krishean> its just putting them all together in a useful way
<omgplzstfukthx> but you are krish, ofc you can do that
<Krishean> i've written things for javascript that allow me to read & write binary files, i've written instruction interpreters, i've written shit tons of parsers
<omgplzstfukthx> the thought wouldn't even enter anyone else's mind
<Krishean> i dunno if i ever showed off that thing i made to interprete assembly math instructions and made it so i could run the md5 algorithm with it
<omgplzstfukthx> i don't recall
<Krishean> same assembly listing could be compiled & run as an executable with a small header & footer added to it
<Krishean> or you could put it through the javascript interpreter and it would come up with the same result
<Krishean> i was writing it so i could step through (forward/backward) what the md5 algorithm was doing to the registers
<Krishean> never got around to writing the gui for it tho
<Krishean> it would play back what the assembly instructions were doing like a movie
<Krishean> i'll see if i can find it
<Krishean> yup
<Krishean> has just enough instructions to emulate the md5 algorithm
<Krishean> and,or,xor,not,mov,add,sub,rol,ror
<Krishean> i think sub and ror aren't used in this version
<Krishean> they would be if i did the reverse md5 thing
<Krishean> it uses that wierd property of javascript arrays where they are passed to functions byref
<Krishean> one of the more beautiful parsers i've written