Flan with Trix and Coke

<scancode> http://foodporndaily.com/pictures/view/blueberry-cornbread-drizzled-with-honey <<-- HUNGRYYYYYYYYY
<housetier> I want pancakes with salty butter and maple syrup
<scancode> i'd kill for http://foodporndaily.com/pictures/view/caramel-flan-with-hot-fudge
<housetier> ohboy
<mouser> yuck flan is horrible
<scancode> die mouser
<scancode> you hate flan
<scancode> you hate trix
<scancode> you hate coke
<scancode> you're an alien
<mouser> why dont you make yourself a flan
<mouser> with trix and coke
<mouser> and stop making the rest of us ill.