Irish Fresh

<Kaimaru> you still want a bar of that irish fresh soap?
<Menchi187|Laptop> lol
<Menchi187|Laptop> i think app is gonna hook me up with that
<Kaimaru> well i found a bar in the closet this morning
<Kaimaru> still in the box
<Menchi187|Laptop> if you use it,think of me when you do lol
<Menchi187|Laptop> just say to yourself
<Kaimaru> fuck hat
<Kaimaru> that*
<Menchi187|Laptop> "this is what menchi smells like"
<Menchi187|Laptop> "now i smell like menchi"
<Kaimaru> i aint thinking of you when i wash
<Menchi187|Laptop> lol
<Menchi187|Laptop> :(
<Kaimaru> thats sick man
<Kaimaru> ill take a deep breath while washing my balls then what?
<Menchi187|Laptop> LOL
<Kaimaru> no no fuck that
<Menchi187|Laptop> then be afraid for the wrong reaction
<Kaimaru> i saw the bar and thought of you thats as far as i go