<tinjaw> what's up Word Of The Zilla?
<wordzilla> not much tinjaw, chitchatting
<wordzilla> what's up with u?
<tinjaw> the volume
<tinjaw> and a lot of getting sidetracked
<tinjaw> oh, and my weight
<wordzilla> nah u dont look like overweight ;)
<wordzilla> at all
<tinjaw> look at my nick
<tinjaw> it has gone up at least one pixel size!
<tinjaw> all that candy
<hadez> lol
<tinjaw> i try to kernel my fonts but it doesn't make me look any skinnier
<tinjaw> and I need to work on my decenders
<hadez> there are things even the best layout cannot cover up
<hadez> :x
<tinjaw> but, check out my t & a !!
<hadez> you look kinda monospaced to me
<hadez> you're a real column conformist
<tinjaw> monospacedout
<tinjaw> don't make me get out my serifs and bold you
<hadez> even if you would
<hadez> i could never hit an orphan back
<tinjaw> i'll have you know that I grew up is a very tight knit pantone family
<hadez> being the initial son of a window?
<hadez> but i bet a lot of your kerning problems are caused by early-childhood leading of the semi-colon tract
<hadez> :D
<tinjaw> ok, i get your point
<hadez> ok, i'm sick of translating german typography terms to english now
<hadez> :P
<scancode> o.O
<scancode> you're all a bunch of typos
<hadez> hey, know your ligatures
* p3lb0x is now known as Tyopboy
* scancode is now known as TypoBoy
<hadez> i never tpyo
* TypoBoy is now known as p3lb0x
* Tyopboy is now known as scancode
<p3lb0x> yay!
<scancode> Indeed
<p3lb0x> exchanged personalities :-]