Marty is a woman!

</\/\artin_1> Tuesdays are better than Mondays, but still far enough from Friday to suck bad
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> yes
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> thats what today was like  
</\/\artin_1> I've eaten too much chocolate, and I've only been awake an hour :(
</\/\artin_1> I must be depressed, if I'm eating chocolate so early
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> or frustrated ...woman use it as a replacement for sex
<TSC[07];hollowlife1> not getting enough people to grow boobs marty?
</\/\artin_1> you guys are reading into it too much, I just wanted some chocolate. lol
</\/\artin_1> OK OK, I've been a woman for 8 years
</\/\artin_1> I hide this fact by trapping it inbetween my legs and walking funny
</\/\artin_1> I use chocolate to forget about it all
</\/\artin_1> happy now?
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> lol well sorta
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> im just glad its not me that typed that cause omg i get quoted on all the wrong things i say  
</\/\artin_1> I always knew you would be happy if you knew I was a woman, matt
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> lol  
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> i did say sorta
</\/\artin_1> only so you could make that last statement, be we know the truth now
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> my friend dave said he wanted  girlfriend that could code tho i could put in a good word for you  
</\/\artin_1> I only code in brainfuck, without the brain
</\/\artin_1> I'm going to make an esoteric programming language based off sexual positions only, I think it'd be fun... and the result could either be executed, or used as a guide in bed
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\R /¥\å´][`´][` 4²º 30> lol  
<TSC[07];hollowlife1> we need april to quote that now marty :-p
</\/\artin_1> we need you to shhhhhh
</\/\artin_1> lol