The 'Get Martin Fired' folder

</\/\artin> hey Joe?
<Psychoholic > hey Martin....long time no ocean
</\/\artin> lol yeah, how's it going?
<Psychoholic > good good , you?
</\/\artin> not too bad here, at work so there's only a certain level of 'good' I can reach
<Psychoholic > lol.....
</\/\artin> in saying that, being on mx helps :-)
<TSC[07];hollowlife> has ya boss said anything to ya about that pic he caught you looking at :-p
<Psychoholic > brb....Karens on the phone...
<app> lol
</\/\artin> no, it's been quietly ignored... perhaps they just talk about that stuff when I'm not here now, incase they think it'll offend me... thanks guys
<app> i am so sorry about that
</\/\artin> I did mention I just clicked a link from a room I was in
<[BeenAWhileLastZeen]> lol
</\/\artin> sort of dug myself out of one hole using another hole
<TSC[07];hollowlife> lol
<[BeenAWhileLastZeen]> what kind of picture did you get cought looking at?
<app> so now he knows you chat online while working
</\/\artin> "yeah, I was on this online chatroom at work..."
<[BeenAWhileLastZeen]> LOL!
</\/\artin> "and I clicked a link, and THAT's why I had a naked guy with tits on my screen"
<[BeenAWhileLastZeen]> PMSL!!!
</\/\artin> "sorry boss"
<app> you should have told him about your boob farm
<[BeenAWhileLastZeen]> everyone thinks youre gay at work
</\/\artin> so now...
<TSC[07];hollowlife> lol
</\/\artin> I am just the gay procrastinator
</\/\artin> anyway, in other news... that's old
<app> maybe you could have got him to agree to grow tits
<app> this is the pic that got martin in trouble:
</\/\artin> damn april, I nearly did it again
<TSC[07];hollowlife> LOL marty
</\/\artin> I have some URGE to just grab URL's in chatrooms
<app> it had the warning this time
</\/\artin> before reading anything associated with them
</\/\artin> well I got it just in time
</\/\artin> it's on my clipboard, but that doesn't make me a transexual maniac like last time
</\/\artin> ... not unless the sysadmin remotely monitors clipboards....
</\/\artin> mmmm damn
<TSC[07];hollowlife> lol
<app> i have to start posting links with nomartin://
</\/\artin> lol
<TSC[07];hollowlife> the nomartin protocol :-p
<app> should i upload the guys in skirts pics?
</\/\artin> as long as the pizza protocol doesn't have a nomartin protocol in it, I'm happy
<app> they are all in my wtf folder
<app> or should i just give you a link to the folder?
</\/\artin> you may as well rename your wtf folder to "get martin fired" folder
<app> lol