You Scared Kenny! You Bastard!

<mouser> i have a crazy idea
<hadez> does it involve dildos and chickenmeat?
<Lashiec> kidnap Gina Trapani?
<app103> lol
<mouser> how about one of these 5 millions fucking linux hackers and 5 million fucking companies using apache hire someone to fucking fix that fucking POS to report why the server dies
<mouser> how fucking insanely hard is that
<hadez> POS?
<mouser> PIECE OF SHIT
<Lashiec> lol
<hadez> lol
<mouser> im going to lose my fucking mind with this shit
<mouser> how do you build an entire fucking industry of web servers
<mouser> and not fucking design a way of figuring out
<mouser> how to gracefully catch problems on a server
<mouser> or at least fucking figure out what caused the problem post-facto
<mouser> next time someone tells me that joke about if cars were built like ms windows
<mouser> im going to tell them the fucking joke about how if cars were built with linux
<mouser> when it breaks you bring it in to be serviced
<mouser> and the repair guys says:
<mouser> gee, what makes you think we can figure out why it stopped working?
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<mouser> $&*()^$&*()$^&*()$^&*()$^
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<mouser> KEN!
<mouser> lol
<wordz> hahahahaha
<wordz> roflmao
<Lashiec> rofl
<wordz> OMG
<wordz> OMG
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<Lashiec> look what you did, you scared Ken!
<Lashiec> :P