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<Kayleigh> I have been on dates with Crow and 61377 dates with Mr Matt and I still haven't managed to snare either of them in my "Chinese Finger Trap" :(
> Welcome Pérçhéròñît. You are victim number 5313.
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<¤tTÞ¤ßôkî> ok
<¤tTÞ¤ßôkî> tyvm Matt
<Pérçhéròñît> Gonas play those kinda games.... fucktards
<¤tTÞ¤ßôkî> ?
<Pérçhéròñît> Room name???
<¤tTÞ¤ßôkî> room name
<YouAreHere> üüü The Real Source Code üüü_6D17FA478F5B
<Pérçhéròñît> Maybe you should filter the list by the hash and see what other name April is sending outl....
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> maybe you shoud do it and look what sabre is hosting
<¤tTÞ¤ßôkî> I don't know anything other then this room
<Pérçhéròñît> wah wah wah you was always a whinner Sable
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> seems sabre is here
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> nope florida ip
<¤tTÞ¤ßôkî> /setuserlevel Pérçhéròñît813_60159 3
<Admin> Set User Level!:Pérçhéròñît813_60159 [User]
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> go and tell sabre sable said purple today
<[IRC]app> hey...when someone can give away something that is not theirs and you can think you now have some right to it, then anyone else can and it has to be valid too
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> lmao
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> why is sabre hosting the sourcecode ?
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> its aprils room
<[IRC]app> so big tits is as much mine as tsc is yours
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> agreed
<[IRC]app> besides...i am more qualified to host it
<[IRC]app> i actually have real big tits
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<[IRC]app> how about you?
<[IRC]app> lol
<¤tTÞ¤ßôkî> pmsl
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> was it sabre ? his ip was from florida ??? or did he move ?
<[IRC]app> probably a proxy
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> he shall come back...he was funny lol
<[IRC]app> ofc