Pick-up Lines for Programmers

<Indi> if you did var.at(n) (which is the same thing as var[n], but
safer) you would get an exception
<Riddle_Box> saftey is important
<Riddle_Box> always use protection();
<Indi> he he he
<Indi> jackass ^_^
<Riddle_Box> ass jacker
<Indi> i'm gonna have to remember that one
<Riddle_Box> remember what one?
<Indi> always use protection();
<Riddle_Box> good pick up line for chix programmers
<Indi> ^_^
<Riddle_Box> assuming you can express ascii characters verbally
<Indi> yeah, you walk up to a chick programmer that's being hit on by a
bunch of guy programmers and you say "hey baby, ditch these chars and
come get with me. i'm a long."
<Riddle_Box> and we'll go grab a byte and hang
<Indi> genius ^_^
<Ureno> Indeed..
<Riddle_Box> then we can undergo polymorphism
<Indi> using the insertion operator
<Riddle_Box> and stream data in