Out of Coffee

<w3bcrawler> mmmm coffee
<w3bcrawler> how the hell do people not drink coffee
<Stephen66> w3bcrawler: people who don't drink coffee are not normal
<jns> the worst thing happened this morning
<jns> we have this expresso machine at work
<jns> usually i make 2 of them and add a tiny bit of water, which essentially turns it into regular coffee
<jns> today there was only one pod left
<w3bcrawler> double espresso + hot water is an Americano :)
<jns> my coffee is horribly watery
<mouser> first world coder problems
<mouser> :)
<jns> you don't understand...
<jns> it's monday morning!
<mouser> :)
<jns> this is a tragedy
<mouser> :)
<w3bcrawler> "Office closed: no more coffee pods"
<mouser> ragequit
<Stephen66> Refuse to work under those conditions
<Stephen66> It's inhumane and probably against the geneva convension
<mouser> its so bad that it has got john talking
<Stephen66> :')

Don't go In the basement

<edvard> why is it that whenever someone in a horror movie is told "don't go in the basement" or "don't go in those woods after dark" or some such, the people go ahead and do it?
<GamingPhoeni> heh welcome to the 40 year old question edvard
<edvard> like in "the amityville horror" when the disembodied growling voice said "get... out..." i'd be like "UMMM, YEAH, NO PROBLEM.. THIS IS ME LEAVING... SEE YA NEVER!!!!!"
<edvard> i mean come on, even if the house cost me a million dollars, that is just not worth it
<edvard> no way you'll catch me arguing with a incorporeal voice about whose damn house it is
<edvard> nuh-uh
<edvard> nope


<edvard> so after the mexican ladies take out the rotten ones, they get conveyored to a flash cooker above some 15 ft diameter drums that are like 30 feet long and heated to 350 degrees
<edvard> the cooked potato is just mash now, and falls down on rollers that roll along the face of the gigantic hot drums, and people scoop potato that falls off and stick it back on the rollers
<edvard> as it rolls on the drums, a veeeeeeeerrry thin layer of potato is cooked onto the surface of the drums, and as they rotate, a long blade scrapes it off the back side, where it gets chopped up and sucked into the pack room
<edvard> in the pack room it gets ground down to a uniform size and dumped into a hopper where i would bag it
<edvard> run the bag through a sealer and the foreman would stack it and take it away on a forklift
<edvard> that was the first time i realized that the potato cubes in campbell's soup wasn't chunks cut from potatos, but potato flour formed in a cube shape
<edvard> D:
<Deozaan> O_o
<Deozaan> Potato noodles?
<edvard> i suppose you could do that too
<edvard> what was gross is in the pack room, the air is hot and full of potato dust, so you sweat and it sticks to your skin
<edvard> so when you went home, you were coated with a thin layer of potato
<Deozaan> Did you lick it off?
<edvard> aw hell no
<Deozaan> You could ahve been your own pringle every day
<edvard> now I'M feeling sick...
<Deozaan> just add a little sour cream and onion flavoring and you're good
<w3bcrawler> mmm pringlevard

Asking the IRC Master Race to Define What a Real Man Would Do

<edvard> contemplating changing the air filter in my car
<edvard> i dread this job
<edvard> volkswagen makes it next to impossible to remove things for access to the air filter space
<edvard> seriously, it fully sucks
<edvard> <sigh> i better do this before it gets dark
* edvard puts on his man-pants and nitrile gloves
<edvard> actually, a real man wouldn'
<edvard> t wear gloves
<edvard> to fix his car
<edvard> or would he?
<edvard> why am i asking?
<edvard> why am i asking you people?
<edvard> ...
<sj1k> :D
<sj1k> us people
<sj1k> you racist
<edvard> yeah, im a-talkin ta yous
<edvard> hehe, til irc chatters are a race
<sj1k> the glorious IRC race
<edvard> IRC master race
<sj1k> Well, not exactly
<edvard> screw those skype plebs
<edvard> facebook messenger inferiors
<sj1k> we're all pasty, probably some kind of diseased, small framed or fat nerds
<sj1k> :P
<edvard> like i said... a race
<sj1k> :P
<edvard> ok, time to get off my pasty, diseased, fat ass and go change an air filter
<edvard> :P
<sj1k> :D
<edvard> bbiab

App's Taskbar Closet Extender

<w3bcrawler> inb4 SynAckRst comes out of the closet
<SynAckRst> :-D
<SynAckRst> I was never in the closet!
<SynAckRst> The closet has monsters
<SynAckRst> I got away from the closet as soon as I could
<SynAckRst> I hear that is where April hides her remaining taskbar icons that don't fit in her taskbar any longer
<w3bcrawler> lmao
<GamingPhoeni> App's Taskbar Closet Extender : )
<app> SynAckRst: when I run out of taskbar space, I just do this:

<SynAckRst> OMG!
<SynAckRst> It's so angry!
<w3bcrawler> my eyes
<Deozaan> The goggles, they do nothing!
<w3bcrawler> lol
<w3bcrawler> +1 for Simpsons
<app> Oh, and I do own scarytaskbar.com, and I do have some marvelous plans for it :D
<app> A website design that kind of resembles my desktop
<app> And all of my websites will become subsites under it
<w3bcrawler> D:
<app> it will be magnificent!
* w3bcrawler reports app for human rights violations
<app> making it responsive will be tricky
<w3bcrawler> you can't just do that to people's eyes you know
<app> Well the domain name will serve as a warning :P
<app> Don't worry, I won't make visitors hover over every icon
<w3bcrawler> :D

One Letter Makes a Difference

<sj1k> Man, turns out lots of things run freeBSD
<sj1k> Switch, BSD.  PS3/4,  BSD.  apple devices,  BSD.
<sj1k> the list goes on
<Deozaan> sj1k, BSD.
<sj1k> Deozaan, BSOD.
<sj1k> :P
<Deozaan> Microsoft Windows, BSOD
<franstam> yeah 1 letter makes heck of a difference doesnt it
<sj1k> Yeah, the difference between a bangin' operating system and an operating system going bang

A Series of Unfortunate Words

<Deozaan> I think I'm developing Alzheimer's. :-(
<Deozaan> I was trying to refer to A Series of Unfortunate Events, but I couldn't remember the title. So I said something like An Incongruous Event of Systems.
<Deozaan> Then I fumbled around with other words trying to say the right thing.
<Deozaan> Basically what came out of my mouth was a series of unfortunate words.


<edvard> the day before trump was elected, i had a dream that my job was managing a room full of trump clones that were to be used if he were assasinated
<edvard> they kept walking around the room talking to each other about "deals"
<edvard> as if they really enjoyed talking to someone that was truly, fundamentally, "on their level"
<edvard> because clones lol
<edvard> but it got me thinking
<edvard> what if you had a clone of yourself to talk to?  would you actually talk, or just nod at each other knowingly...
<w3bcrawler> plot twist: it wasn't a dream
<edvard> D: