Autopsies, Foot Size, and Talents

<hippywarrior> well i am guessing timemachine went to work on his abs and Leigh49 fell asleep
<Leigh49> me sleep? I wish
<Leigh49> well the weekend is over now so she'll be back soon
<timemachine> lol
<hippywarrior> well i tried to bore you enough
<timemachine> your never boring.
<timemachine> :D
<hippywarrior> thank you :)
<Leigh49> get cusoon in here and that'll do the trick
<timemachine> what trick?
<hippywarrior> make him fall asleep
<Leigh49> bore me to sleep
<hippywarrior> he is all stuck on body cavities it seems
<hippywarrior> you have seen that vid?
<hippywarrior> Leigh49
<Leigh49> yeah
<hippywarrior> female?
<Leigh49> yep
<hippywarrior> ahhhhhhhhhhh so that explains it
<Leigh49> explainds what?
<Leigh49> -d
<hippywarrior> thats why he is so into that vid
<Leigh49> lol
<hippywarrior> :D
<Leigh49> have you seen it?
<hippywarrior> no
<hippywarrior> would be interesting
<Leigh49> was interesting
<Leigh49> not for everybody though
<Leigh49> very graphic
<timemachine> bbl
<hippywarrior> thats the way it should be..........realy
* timemachine hops away
<hippywarrior> come back timemachine
<Leigh49> see ya timemachine
<Leigh49> well even more than you'd think
<hippywarrior> it'll all be over soon :)
<hippywarrior> i see
<hippywarrior> so cusoon is scare'n himself
<Leigh49> but if you're not too squeemish it is interesting
<Leigh49> cusoon will have nightmares I am sure
<hippywarrior> wouldn't bother me:)
<Leigh49> want the link?
<hippywarrior> sure
<hippywarrior> thanks.... Leigh49 and neutronstar :) brb
<Leigh49> goes for 20 minutes
<app> yikes!
<app> i clicked that link not knowing wtf it was
<neutronstar> enjoy
<neutronstar> it's very interesting
<Leigh49> you should have been paying more attention
<app> i am sure...but no...i won't be watching
<neutronstar> the old had a wonderful tagline
<neutronstar> "Can you hande LIFE?"
<neutronstar> (or death, for that matter)
<neutronstar> Americans love to send their war machine around the world blowing people up ...
<Leigh49> it's a little confronting at first but if you just watch it is interesting
<neutronstar> but American media never shows American people what blown up people look like.
<app> i should just drop this link in another channel i am in and see the reactions...i am sure it would be great
<Leigh49> yeah seeing the bits left of people blown to pieces is worse
<neutronstar> Most Americans would be quite surprised and shocked what is printed in color on newspaper front pages are the world ...
<app> i know at least one guy in there that would get turned on by it
<neutronstar> especially in developing world nations.
<Leigh49> yeah I've seen some of that
<neutronstar> Yes, we already joked about necrophiles
<neutronstar> Although being a necrophile in this instance would be very, very messy :D
<Leigh49> even what gets shown on tv elsewhere
<Leigh49> lol
<app> nah...this guy just get turned on by chopped up people
<neutronstar> Read some of the moronic comments that people leave on that video.
<Leigh49> that's why people get so messed up when they come across an accident and see what is left of somebody
<hippywarrior> that was indeed interesting
<Leigh49> #cusoon is not the official autopsy discussion channel
<Leigh49> now*
<Leigh49> instead of not
<hippywarrior> figured what you ment :)
<neutronstar> wow
<neutronstar> hippywarrior watched that?
<hippywarrior> yeap
<hippywarrior> why so suprised?
<hippywarrior> it was educational
<neutronstar> just didn't know what your sensitivities were
<neutronstar> i think many people would freak out
<neutronstar> (but probably still keep peeking anyway)
<Leigh49> app did
<app> i'll watch it later when my stomach isn't full
* hippywarrior is eating a meatloaf sandwitch :)
<Leigh49> bet you can't eat a steak afterwards
<app> i don't eat steak now
<app> i don't eat any red meats
<hippywarrior> its just a body
<hippywarrior> person is gone
<Leigh49> it's just a steak the cow is gone :P
<hippywarrior> indeed
<neutronstar> rofl
<app> you are talking to someone that has to convince herself that vomit is something else, just to be able to clean it up
<neutronstar> :?:
<Leigh49> I didn't have to convince myself of anything the last time I cleaned up vomit
<hippywarrior> what else could it be...............just wondering?
<Leigh49> My 4 year old son vomitted all over me and I didn't hesitate at all in cleaning it up
<app> oatmeal, vegetable soup, anything but what it is
<neutronstar> :?:
<hippywarrior> realy.........thats what it is
<hippywarrior> just reheated a bit
<hippywarrior> so to speak :)
<hippywarrior> guys are sick.............huh app :)
<app> the one & only guy in my house can't get anywhere near it to clean it up
<hippywarrior> thats sad
<app> you should hear him shriek like a girl when the cat pukes and he steps in it
<Leigh49> but he only has little feet :D
<hippywarrior> lol
<app> he has fred flintstone feet
<Leigh49> can hippy borrow them?
<app> lol
<hippywarrior> my feet are long enough
<Leigh49> he needs brakes for his truck
<app> he wants to wear an 8EEEE shoe?
<hippywarrior> well what i need is brake lines
<hippywarrior> so........he has short stubby feet app?
<app> yeah
<hippywarrior> poor girl you :)
<Leigh49> is it true what they say about short stubby feet?
<hippywarrior> don't it app?
<hippywarrior> never seen her run from a question before
<hippywarrior> :)
<Leigh49> maybe she is going to double check first
<hippywarrior> rofl
<hippywarrior> now that could be
<Leigh49> might have been a while
<hippywarrior> good thing he don't have big feet then.........
<Leigh49> lol
<hippywarrior> she would never come back :)
<hippywarrior> hey app
<hippywarrior> don't leave us hang'n now :)
<hippywarrior> to speak
<Leigh49> maybe she went to check and got a little excited
<hippywarrior> thats what i'm thinking
<Leigh49> and I do mean "little"
<hippywarrior> rofl
<hippywarrior> you would think she would be back by now.............less work and all
<hippywarrior> i think we lost her Leigh49 .........she is not gonna be back :)
<Leigh49> looks like it
<Leigh49> maybe she just don't want to answer
<hippywarrior> maybe its not true what they say :)
<Leigh49> "they" are never wrong
<hippywarrior> lol
<Leigh49> I know I have big feet
<hippywarrior> same here
<hippywarrior> and a large span between the tip of my thumb and tip of my middle finger
<hippywarrior> :D
<hippywarrior> thats my story..............and i am sticking to it
* Leigh49 has gone to measure the span between his thumb and middle finger
<hippywarrior> rofl
<Leigh49> 8 1/2 inches
<hippywarrior> what are you saying Leigh49 ?
<hippywarrior> lol
<Leigh49> I am saying...................I wish
<hippywarrior> rofl again!
<app> ummm...size isn't important when you aren't getting any, any way
<hippywarrior> have a point there
<Leigh49> true
<Leigh49> that's a very diplomatic way of saying "small, very very small"
<hippywarrior> rofl
<app> or thick, very very thick :-P
<Leigh49> lol
<Leigh49> were not talking about brains app
<app> that too :-P
<hippywarrior> die'n laughing now
<app> besides...a man with a talented tongue can make up for any 'short comings'
<Leigh49> you don't mean talking either do you
* hippywarrior tapes his mouth shut
<hippywarrior> i refuse to say anything to that
<hippywarrior> lol
<app> no...i don't mean talking :-D
<Leigh49> that may be good for her but not so good for him
<app> hey, i have talents too ;-)
<Leigh49> app you have scared hippywarrior away now
<app> hahaha
<hippywarrior> how much is a talent worth now?
<Leigh49> $30
<app> i can't help it if i am straight forward &'s my nature
<Leigh49> at least that's what I've heard
<hippywarrior> lol
<hippywarrior> so you have $60 app?
<Leigh49> honestly i've never paid for but I certainly never got it for free
<app> i never have any cash
<hippywarrior> "certainly never got it for free" thats the truth
<app> that's because you don't have friends with 'options'
<hippywarrior> have a point :)
<Leigh49> no such thing as "no strings attached"
<app> there is a big dif between a gf & a fuck buddy
<Leigh49> not in my experience
<Leigh49> they always end up wanting more
<app> then you never had a real one
<Leigh49> or maybe they just can't resist my multiple talents :P
<app> lol
<hippywarrior> are you people rich?
<Leigh49> I could sell myself but than I'd feel so dirty ;-)
<app> lol
<hippywarrior> lol..........right
<app> so instead you pay?
<Leigh49> I never intend to pay
<hippywarrior> we have to feed them
<hippywarrior> its only pollite
<hippywarrior> :)
<Leigh49> and I usually don't end up paying in $'s
<Leigh49> I end up getting stalked :(
<hippywarrior> rofl
<hippywarrior> thats true app .............he does
<hippywarrior> still funny to hear
<Leigh49> I had one girl sending me 50 text messages a day
<Leigh49> and we "met" only once
<app> i just have online indian worshippers i hide from
<Leigh49> luckily she didn't know where I lived
<hippywarrior> lol
<Leigh49> gotta love the indians
<Leigh49> hey gr-linux
<app> hell no
<hippywarrior> we love gr-linux
<Leigh49> only men on the planet that can out talk a woman
<app> well i don't mind indians...i just hate indian worshippers
<hippywarrior> gr-linux is cool :)
<hippywarrior> besides..........his aunt makes good food and the flight is grand :)